Q & A: what are the top 3 Feng Shui myths you encounter?

Q: amanda, i just adore your posts and Feng Shui sparkle! i’ve been studying FS for over a year now and you’ve been a big part of my education, thank you! i’m curious to know what the top two or three Feng Shui myths/misconceptions you’ve encountered are. ☀️ keep shining your Shui on all of us!! ☀️

A: hello, and thank you SO much for this note! also, YAY for your Feng Shui journey. we need more people talking + teaching shui, so i’m sending you hands-in-the-air and happiness flair!

now, to answer your fabulous Q, here is what I have found to be the most cringe-worthy misconceptions out there:

MYTH #1: one school of shui is “better than” or “more authentic / correct / true” than the rest. this warrants a FULL-BODIED “ABSOLUTELY NOT.” i shared my thoughts on this once, but let me re-iterate: there are many, many paths up the same mountain. and the good news: they all get you there!

MYTH #2: shui is anti-religion, woo, +/or new age. these descriptions make me cringe because Feng Shui is one of the most common sense energetic practices out there. and it’s been around for thousands of years because ITS WISDOM WORKS.

MYTH #3: shui deals in the physicality only — like, move your furniture, change your life. while that’s true sometimes, Feng Shui’s wisdom is much deeper and profound than design alone. and while a client might reach out for room arrangement advice on their first foray into Feng Shui, it is the divorce; trouble with kids; job frustrations; trauma recovery; illness; or any other overwhelming life event that has them coming back. and for those consults, it is rarely about the furniture.



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