Q & A: what does shui say about art for the bedroom?

Q: “i just want to say i really love your blog. it’s the first one that i find simple and very educational. i’m so into Feng Shui ever since i heard about it couple of years ago. have you shared a blog post about art for the bedroom? i bought a painting 8 months ago, and it just feels very wrong and not me anymore. i read your suggestion to leave the space blank – i.e. remove the current one and that might give me inspiration for the right one. thoughts?”

A: art is SO subjective. what we are drawn to is personal preference, so i tend not to label anything as “good” or “ bad” or “best shui practices” when it comes to creative expression. instead, i correlate my clients’ experiences / challenges with their surroundings. and in those conversations, a deeper dive into the art hung or displayed will come up.

without seeing your space or knowing anything about why you chose the art / what feels off about it / etc., here is my suggestion:

take the art down for at least 9 days, and leave that wall blank. let the space breathe

try the art in another space. it’s possible its energy would ‘thrive’ somewhere else in your home. depending on the art details (color, subject, size), it could be the energy is too energizing or too disruptive for a bedroom.

if that doesn’t remedy the feeling of “wrong”, consider where you purchased it. could there be predecessor chi attached to it? give it an energetic cleanse, and see if that scrubs away those unwanted vibes.
still not working? one final consideration: what was your mood / energy like when you bought it? were you going through a hard time, feeling off, or experiencing any other temporary moods? when something feels ‘not me anymore’, it’s possible you bought the art when you were going through some type of transformation — and the person who loved it isn’t who YOU are now.

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