Q & A: what objects you can place in the money corner?

your money corner – also known as the Wealth and Prosperity gua – is located in the back left-hand corner of your home (if you’re standing at the front door looking into your house) or the Southeast corner (if you practice Compass).

before you put anything here, one quick insider tip: pay attention to chi’s journey through your space. if incoming chi has to hurdle clutter +/or nagging distractions to reach your Wealth gua, those opportunities and refreshments are weakened by the time they *get here* – which means your abundance isn’t getting the wattage it deserves!

NO. 1: bring in rosemary plants

they represent wood, and wood is the element most at home here. my first shui mentor, Ellen Whitehurst, also taught me that rosemary signifies female financial strength and independence.

since ‘4’ is the number that corresponds with Wealth, you could place 4 rosemary plants here. by the way, whenever we put plants together, it triggers networking energy, so that doesn’t hurt your wealth potential at all!

NO. 2: add Water

the element Water speaks to fortune, so imagery of water or moving water (like a fountain) here encourages the flow of prosperity into your life. Water also is the element that feeds Wood, the element most at home in Wealth, so this combo is always a power move! (if you go for the real fountain, you gotta keep the water clean – clean water = healthy finances; murky water = murky money.)

NO. 3: hang a metal wind chime

your Wealth area outside your home can be utilized, but there’s nothing that says you can’t hang one inside either! not only does metal represent coins, the wind chime is – in effect – harnessing that abundance chi for you and pooling it in your space. and it becomes a beautifully efficient reminder that there’s “replenishment without diminishment” every time you hear the chimes sing.


wealth begins with your consciousness of abundance, so look around and notice:

(1) do you pursue quality items for your space?

(2) are you practicing gratitude daily for loving “what you’ve got?”

(3) are there rituals in your life – like buying fresh flowers – that suggest “I’m worth it!”?

we can’t co-opt magic onto shui – we gotta be adjacent to the environmental edification, too.

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