wanna be startin’ something?

a common conversation with new clients is how to work with their homes / office spaces to “make” something happen – more specifically, we discuss how to begin creating the pattern (and likelihood!) of consistency in showing up and following through in their lives. and after years of this convo, i have found one of the most notorious culprits at play is decision fatigue. when we go back and forth in our own ambiguity (do i do *this* or *that*? it’s ready / it’s not good enough yet / etc.), we dig ourselves into a rut – and that rut trips up our progress and halts follow through on those BIG goals and intentions.

so, if this is YOU and you’re ready to kick some asphalt, here are three ways you can elicit high energy help from your surroundings!

(1) find 2 mirrors to hang opposite each other on the walls in your office / creative space. one should be to the right of where you work; the other on the left. you should be able to see yourself reflected in them (if you look to either side of you) as you work. mirrors are chi enhancers and they energetically double what they reflect. so, when you are ready to rev and roar, this can be a mighty remedy to unbridle the energy around and within you! (btw, this is magic making for my creatives!)

(2) get a small group of plants (go for an odd number as this is more activating) and place them all together in your working space. this little chi gathering will speak to networking, breaking new ground and bringing new people into your world. BONUS: the Wood will help break up some of that stuck energy. (think of roots growing into the soil, and you get how they’re breaking through any *settlement.*)

(3) start doing one nice thing for your space (this can be your office or home) every week until the end of the year.

this week, it can be a bolder-than-usual bouquet of flowers; a candle you LOVE next week; a re-arrangement of art / photos around a room (or the whole house) in week 3; a bookcase edit in week 4; some front door TLC lovin’ in week 5 (and don’t forget to dot that door with some cinnamon oil); and a little new year shui prep that last week of 2021! xo


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