Q & A: what should we do before the new year for good Feng Shui?

Q: “can you post what we should do before the new year for good Feng Shui?”

A: i am beyond ready to feel that HOPEFUL disposition only a fresh start can deliver, so THANK YOU for the Q and here’s some shui to greet 2021 with a BIG HOORAY! (do what you can and work on the rest between January 2nd and February 4th — the Chinese New Year!)

any time BEFORE New Year’s Day…

  • clean your ENTIRE house. don’t have time to conquer it all? go for the 3 power spots – your front door (it sets the tone for the year), the bedroom (it’s the backbone for all types of LOVE), and your kitchen (want the year to ring cha-ching?). still too much to do and not enough time? focus on the kitchen as it most represents health, wealth, and prosperity. and whatever leap you take, DO NOT wait until January 1st to do this — cleaning on that first day of the year “sweeps away” all the collective fortune and luck headed your way.
  • get the laundry done, dry cleaning off, and your sheets/linens washed – we want to be pressed to impress in the new year!
  • wash your car – this is an extension of you, and its energetic state needs to be buzzin’ fresh and fabulous just like YOU!
  • sweep the porch and vacuum the floors— out with the old, in with the new — and you’ll be looking SO good, 2021 won’t take her eyes off you!
  • stock the coffers, and refill all your reserves. think: pantry, fridge, bird feeder, food canisters, empty vases +/or candle holders. remember, wealth begins with the consciousness of abundance, so now is a good time for your house to feel happy and full!

on New Year’s Eve…

  • empty the trashes because no one wants any of 2020’s leftovers, am i right?
  • treat your wallet to the green stuff! my mentor, Ellen Whitehurst, always told me 27 dollar bills and 49 coins makes money magic happen. i’ve also heard $100 works wonders, too! i say – pick one, and trust its magnificence as you make your entrance into 2021!
  • buy 9 oranges and keep them out on the table for your pleasure and consumption. oranges represent fortune + luck + prosperity – the “good life” trinity! if 9 oranges are too much, go for a single orange or a bottle of its sunshine. (and when the new year is here, indulge in this vitamin c shui, letting that sweet life run down your chin!)
  • welcome new growth and beauty into your space with flowers or a plant – its woo will have you beaming ear to ear!
  • move 27 things in your house…and shake it up by making at least one big change to kickstart the party! my suggestion: do something unexpected or controversial to spark energy!
  • declare a few intentions for the new year. claim them, WRITE THEM DOWN, put them somewhere you will see them daily, READ THEM OUT LOUD every day, and let’s agree this year our BEST SELVES will (find a way to) get out more!

as the clock tick tocks midnight…

  • say “HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and PROSPERITY” before anything else. pretty well sums up all the ingredients for a minxy good year, right?
  • if you are home, open all the windows (even momentarily) to let out last year’s energies and invite new ones into your space. want to amp up this changing of the guard? bang on some pots and pans, shake a rattle, or clap like you are at a concert again after a year of COVID — the noise is guaranteed to scare away any lingering negative vibes and your little hallelujah blazes a trail for the new year LOVE to find you!

on New Year’s Day…

  • no complaining – let’s leave that behind in 2020. no crying or whining or swearing or losing your temper either. let’s try this instead: be deliberate and decide the day will be great, and let that vibe be the 4th course of every day in 2021!
  • you’ve swept away the past, so don’t bring it up today, m’kay? linger instead on your dreams, ambitions, and intentions for the next 52 brand new weeks of your life! and while you are soaking up the essence of all your potential, enjoy one of the 9 oranges in your bowl (or a glass of OJ!).
  • splurge on a meal, an outing, or something NEW for your space that totally makes an ‘AS IF’ statement – as in ‘AS IF’ your intentions and ambitions have manifested, how would you behave?
  • wear something NEW! and pleasepleaseplease tag me (@amandagibbypeters) so i can oooh and aaah and remind you: this new year is TOTALLY YOU! xo

p.s. want to take your shui in the new year to next level EXTRA? consider joining my 6-week Group Consult program that begins January 12th. there’s one seat left, so email me NOW! xo


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