Q & A: what’s the Q & A consult?

Q: i live in a three-story townhome. when you walk in at the bottom level, there is a staircase on the left of the room leading upwards. if you walk up, the room entrance orientation is different than downstairs (flipped about 90 degrees). what orientation should be used to define the love and prosperity, serenity & reflection, etc. areas? the orientation as you walk in the architecturally intended front door, or the orientation when you walk into the upstairs rooms?

A: this is such a common Q, and it’s actually one perfectly suited for the Q & A consult. why? the answer varies depending on your house.

which is why this is also a nudge to remind you there are only a few more weeks left to get a Q & A consult! here’s how it works: you email me (up to) 3 Qs you need a little help with; and i’ll send you the details for scheduling!

since late September, these consults have had me *shui-ing*…

offices. so many offices!
the kiddos *school from home* spaces.
bedrooms (especially for those who want to amp up their immune system).
spaces that have been heavy with clutter.

they’ve also been used by my clients to help them…

sell their home (lots of real estate happening right now!).
learn what to look for when buying a home.
know where to begin first when setting up a new home.
(and, no, these weren’t the same client — haha!)

i’ve answered Qs, like…

“can you help me figure out what to do about my missing Love area?”
“i have a few ideas, but will you tell me how to start practicing shui in my house?”
“will you help me shui my front door?”
“can you give me a few tips for feeling more ‘zen’ with everyone here ALL THE TIME?”
“are you available to look at my renovation plans?”

if you’re ready to shui but a full consult isn’t right for you, this Q & A could be exactly what you need! and. it is disappearing in December. so, if you want to work together while this one is still available, email me so we can spark some of this magic in your world, too! xo


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