Q & A: where is the best “shui-approved” place to keep medications?

Q: “dear Amanda, hello! quick question, please: do you have in one of your blog posts any topic on where to keep the meds / medications in the house? i was keeping them on the living table (those for daily use) and also stored in a kitchen drawer (not under the stove), but i observed i felt so worse in the last months without doctors finding a real issue… is like all my vital energy is going down. i moved them right now in the small bathroom near the toilet (which is used mostly for washing clothes and by my cat), which is in the Knowledge area of the house. but this bathroom is located in the SE of the house,  and i don’t know how to cure this movement of the meds there in order for them not to affect that corner. thank you so much, many regards from far away, from Romania.”

A: given the current Corona-verse circumstances we are all living in, my pivot is to use common sense. where are the meds easiest for you to access / remember to take them / etc.? they are something you need (remember, what we LOVE / use / need gets prime real estate), so there isn’t a *wrong* place to put them.

my only suggestion: don’t let them live where they’re reflected by a mirror. mirrors double what they reflect, and we’d rather them reflect what inspires your healthy comeback!

also. i might have misunderstood your message, but if you’re practicing both with the bagua and Compass map, pick one to work with exclusively. when we try to overlap two practices, it usually generates confusion and ambiguous results. both work. both are valid approaches. so, choose whichever feels most comfortable for you, and give it all you’ve got! xo


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