Q & A: would smudging with Palo Santo be effective?

Q: “would smudging with Palo Santo be effective?”

A: when it comes to energetic cleaning (space clearing / smudging), there are countless interpretations of approaches and methods. as a less experienced practitioner, i would wind up with worry over which one was “right” – you know, which one does the job “best”? enter: years of practice and studying with practitioners and healers. what i know now is this: THERE IS NO GETTING IT WRONG IF YOUR INTENTION IS RIGHT. your intention is everything, and sacred space rituals are LOVE over LOGIC. so, be clear with your intention and then trust the LOVE to leave your home with its palms wide open.

that said, there are a few nuances that might better match your intentions, so here a few favorites (and a quick glance at their properties) that are good alternatives to sage!

cedar is known for cleaning up fear +/or other negative feelings while also reviving confidence! it is also traditionally worked with to bless a home before moving in.

myrrh balms and calms adrenaline-fueled emotions.

thyme pairs well with the process of releasing and letting things go. it also makes for a fabulous smudge remedy if you have trouble sleeping.

pinon pine is a good protection smudge in an interesting way – it creates a buffer around us when we are processing emotional pain so that we are available to a different, and perhaps healing, perspective.

lavender is love, right? so, it helps us speak with compassion, quiet the ‘negative loop’ in our mind, and nudges our awareness to the present moment.

juniper is incredibly purifying and invigorating, especially when we feel run down. and it helps us “know” where we experience fear and resistance.

sweetgrass calls all the positive energy to the front row! by the way, if you haven’t read Braiding Sweetgrass, stop right here and add it to your list! there’s THAT much to say about it, just sayin’!

rosemary clarifies the mind, cleanses our energy field, and comforts the soul.

and Palo Santo – you know it’s how i start my day, yes? it is spiritually cleansing. it eliminates negative energy. it attracts positive energy to fill your space. but the very best part is it works with everyone just a little differently, which is why it is my daily ritual – it can meet us all where we’re at. xo