what can i expect from a 1:1 consult?

people come to Feng Shui for all different reasons, and no two Simple Shui consults have ever been the same. sure, there are overlapping similarities, but it is the story behind the ‘why’ that makes each one so unique. 

however, having done this work for 15 years, here is what is consistent: that first pull into shui is usually an attempt to protect ourselves from some perceived fear. 

to newbies, shui presents as magic, an answer, possibility, a promise. it’s an approach that reaches beyond their previous scope of reason so maybe, fingers crossed, it’ll deliver.

here is what else i know.

after stepping into shui and steeping in its practice, my clients experience something different. the results (post-consult) often exceed what they thought would and could happen. and that intimate, uniquely specific-to-them, and validating experience is why they keep coming back. 

this testimonial comes from a client i’ve worked client since 2013. over the years, the expectations and reasons to shui change and evolve. most recently, it was a health scare that required a job change. 

so. that’s what we did…and here’s what she sent me last week:

“FYI, you should know that with all the shui’ing, i was just offered a job — created just for me — with more salary and bonus than my previous job. i had a magic number for compensation that is spot on with what they are granting me. who knows where that will go but maybe i don’t need to worry so much about being able to retire. thank you again. things are feeling so much better lately! i owe you a lot.”

these notes are always the best feeling EVER!

the work i do in a home is sacred to me, and it is why i encourage people to either learn Feng Shui or hire a consultant because it truly offers life-changing results when you understand the power of your home. xo


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