rituals, change, and alignment, OH MY!

Leah / The Art School podcast: “from your perspective, what is your take about putting yourself in proximity of certain energies that you want to learn from and integrate into your life?”

S / S: “you see this all the time. we go off to retreats…some fabulous hotel…or a vacation. you feel inspired…you feel rearranged. this warrior energy wakes up in you, and you’re going to come home and change your life.

and then you step back into your space. within a few days to a week, all that gusto is gone. that really speaks to the influence that we’re under in our spaces and our surroundings – that power of persuasion that we think are just four walls, just some art on the walls, just a rug on the floor, just some knickknacks on the bookshelf.

but in fact, they’re helping to tell your narrative. and so, when people go away, one of the things i recommend is when you return home, move things around, disrupt the patterns so that whatever it is new that you want to have held onto that you want to see through has a chance of landing in your space and being reinforced.

i also see people say, “well, i can’t afford to go off and learn from my teachers…” look at the books on your shelves. we are under this influence all the time. ask yourself: are these ideas that you still agree with? do these concepts / stories still woo you? do they lift you up and resonate?

where you are and what you put yourself in close proximity to is having an influence. we know – if we have to walk in somewhere we don’t want to be – how we feel. we know what it’s like when someone’s in the room that we do not agree with. there is an energetic shift, and we’re responding.

and the thing about our space is we just become so familiar and numb to it, that we don’t even realize the impact it’s having.

there’s a lot of potential and opportunity to create support in your space by changing things around, by taking a mindful eye to, “okay, here is what i want to become or here is what i align with or here is what resonates with me,” – and then making your space match the best that you can. it’s not about perfection. it’s about what is possible for you.”

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