simple shui | a lesson in energy

finish this sentence: i feel _______.

if you answered with stuck, overwhelmed, unmotivated, exhausted… or anything that suggests room for improvement, it sounds like the start of an excellent shui conversation.

so, let’s pick up from this post and talk about which tools help untangle what knots. together, you will outfox any tired energy patterns living + breathing in your space. and just in time for spring. . .


{1} LIGHT – imagine serving your house an instant, caffeinated jolt of life. because that’s what happens when we kick on the house lights.

  • invite sun light or moonbeams to frolic in through your windows.
  • turn on the lights literally – the brighter the wattage, the better. consider dimmers or 3-way lamps, however, so you can easily diffuse that *bright* energy for more hushed dalliances.
  • light candles. and if you can’t light them, keep candles in your candle holders.
  • hang a man-made crystal in a window that fancies the sun – it’ll scatter light across a room like a disco ball.
  • display anything with sparkle – yes, even bling is a darling up to the task.

another simple trick in my shui toolbox is to incorporate pastel hues in dark corners or rooms that don’t hold much light. the presence of white mixed with another color is enough to get out from under an energetic slump. and with spring’s frosty palette widespread, a shy touch here and there will deliver an instant pick-you-up.

{2} LIVING THINGS – their contagious enthusiasm perks energy right up and shakes loose our creative magic.

  • fresh flowers and plants – a little TLC here will get you everywhere. {just trust me, m’kay?}
  • fresh air {or as i like to call her, wild grace.}
  • pets – keep them happy + healthy, and that good cheer is happiness fertilizer.
  • outside birds – bestow your yard with a bird bath or feeder and it’ll beckon them your way. tweet tweet!

{3} COLOR – with a squillion options, there is a hue ready to rekindle your spark in a snap. buy some 80’s glam sharpies, strut that daring pink lippy, switch out photos for ones with feverish color + bright white smiles, or keep a bowl of seasonal produce on the table. once you take the plunge, your mood will marvel.





MUSIC and ANYTHING THAT MAKES SOUND – these are rock steady energy shakers. sound herds energy and keeps it from wandering away. so, put the playlist on repeat. . .

  • open the windows and listen above the noise — can you hear a hushed breeze or raindrops landing? maybe the birds are preaching…
  • make a playlist and sing along. out loud.
  • hum while busting through those daily chores.
  • play an instrument just because you can.
  • hang a wind chime.





MOVING THINGS – wind and water reorganize + reinvigorate our energetic patterns, and both have an affinity for wealth. so, use them to banish lingering, low vibes. and then, set a clear intention for these mighty movers to circulate prosperity and abundance on your behalf.

  • fly a flag.
  • install a water fountain.
  • go BIG with a fish tank.
  • hang a wind chime or weather vane.
  • if all else is unavailable, mimic the elements with a sound machine.


HEAVY OBJECTS slow the hustle just enough.

  • keep a large potted plant, either inside or outside.
  • disperse rocks as décor or talismans around a room.
  • assign new meaning to anything hefty in your space – these items ground us and provide reassuring stability when paired with our intention.

when a client is at whit’s end with an all-consuming TO DO life, we place a rock in every corner of the house {or an oft-used room}. it’s a simple gesture that slows life down long enough to catch a few full breaths.





anchor something in your house that is both SACRED and MEANINGFUL to you + yours.

  • natural beauty collected from trips – for me, this is usually rocks.
  • crystals embody crazy cool restorative power. a few of these charms will fill your house to its corners with good vibes.
  • inspirational quotes or images of spiritual leaders — either will radiate confident energy.
  • a journal for capturing loose thoughts — daily writing clears our noisy chatter and lets us download better thoughts. how’s that for empowering?

our surroundings are in constant conversation with us. so, when that robust energy around you starts to deteriorate, pause. filter out what obstacles are in your way. and use a little shui to evolve the energy into something better.



{these prompts are faithful starting points for shifting energy — but trust that creative genius flickering within. shui is in our DNA, so let these inspire you to run with a few of your own amazing ideas, too!}



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