simple shui | how to make your intentions the center of attention

whether you’re away on vacation, a beachside retreat, or an off-site work meeting, each destination shares a common thread: it is an escape from the ordinary. step out of our familiar routine, and inspiration shows up. new ideas download by the minute, and the potential for transformation lingers. new places and getaway spaces are chockfull of stimulus, and stimulus stimulates. so, it is not uncommon to experience a creative shift when we are away from our predictable environments.

ever notice, though, that upon re-entry home or at the office, those blissed-out creative impulses wane – and because pretending can be tiring, it’s easier to surrender that brand new conviction rather than working with it?

living and working spaces have energetic patterns of their own. and if nothing changes in our immediate surroundings to match our newfangled optimism, history repeats itself. physical space reinforces our familiar habits and routines, despite our resolve for improvement and growth. when we are looking for any life change, it must be supported in our surroundings. so before your next vacation or work retreat, here are a few simple shui ways to keep inspiration minty fresh once you return:

PLAY WITH YOUR SURROUNDINGS. to stage success, our environment must look and feel connected to its reality. so, make your intention the center of attention in your space. one well-placed item that triggers your enthusiasm is an exclamation point in law of attraction language. also, try moving things around regularly – new ways of seeing things come from seeing things in a new way. open space equals free thinking, so clear some room in a drawer, on the bookshelf, or on the desk. clear space clears our head, a practical hocus pocus for conspiring with the muses. bottom line: metaphorical reminders keep us conversing with our goals, which accelerates their fruition, so turn your surroundings into an open book!

MAKE THE SKY YOUR LIMIT. out-of-the-box thinking is nurtured well outdoors because of wide open space. (perhaps this is why so many great writers enjoyed daily walks?) however, it is not realistic to take every brainstorming session onto the trail, so look for a room with a high ceiling instead. in feng shui, lower ceilings cater to intimate conversations and social gatherings; tall ceilings encourage original, dare-to-be-different ideas. and if you don’t have access to a high ceiling area, follow nature’s design cue: paint the ceiling a lighter color than its walls – separating heaven (ceiling) and earth (room) – and creative sparks will dominate and delight you!

MIX WITH THE LIVING. our interior world, especially at the office, consists of hard edges and straight lines. mama nature has all the right curves – she’s supple with flowy lines, textured surfaces, and asymmetrical angles. to soften our man-made interpretations of the environment, incorporate plants (they reduce concentration-induced fatigue!), swirling prints, natural elements, and colors to bring balance into your furnishings and surroundings. when a space feels alive, our well-being thrives – an essential ingredient for self- transformation and/or organizational expansion.

TELL THE STORY. john ruskin said, “genius is only a superior way of seeing” – so, find ways to “see” what it is you want to become. natural wonders and trip talismans keep us connected to our vision because of their congruency to its inception. if your wall gallery has grown lackluster, consider a change. what hangs on the walls hangs in your mind. or repeat a theme throughout every room of your house or the office, integrating participation in your goal’s manifestation around every corner. finally, prioritize possibility with personal touches – those signature visibilities that gush all about you! our home and work ecosystems have potential to push possibilities and drive performance when we embrace their unique powers and update them to stay in touch with our dreams!