Q & A: why do i get so tired cleaning my closet?

every room in a home should be really good at one thing, and this applies to our closets, too! so i am head over heels for this week’s Q because the more time we spend in a space, the stronger its influence. and when our closets don’t inspire us, there’s definitely wiggle room for improvement. if you think about getting dressed and are guilty of sighing *i have nothing to wear* even though the closet is full, this post is for you, lovelies.

THE QUESTION: every time i clean my closet, i get immense fatigue, almost depression-like symptoms. it’s not the physical act of cleaning, i get much harder physical work done easily. it always lasts as long as i have my clothes outside the closet. i am embarrassed to say that last time i did it, i lived with a huge pile of clothes in the middle of my one-room apartment for 3 weeks. i tried different approaches, like doing one shelf at a time or putting everything out and dividing it into piles, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. i would be very thankful for any input and thoughts.

THE SHUI: closets are tricky for most of us because they house how we present ourselves in the world. and if shopping is a coping mechanism, we buy clothing from a weaker personal space, and what we accumulate might not align with the better version of ourselves. this compounds and complicates our cleaning efforts, so let’s use a little shui KAPOW! to get you through your next closet edit.

if you clear your closet once a year, are you getting rid of everything you don’t LOVE, wear, or use? oftentimes, and especially with clothing, we postpone making decisions about our stuff. we give it another pass and let it linger longer in the drawers, on the shelves, or on the hangers. however, what really hangs there is the emotional frequency of not knowing what to do with it. ambivalence and WHAT IFS are unresolved feelings – and that matrix translates into overwhelm and fatigue. treat your closet to brutal honesty, and it will spare you the unwelcome side-effects.

if your wardrobe favors darker colors, the residual feeling you mention could be a reaction. too much dark will give off a heavy ‘yin’ vibe, and too much yin over a period of time will affect our mood and health. so if your palette runs darker or monochromatic, incorporate color and pops of pattern to circulate some ‘yang’ life force. it’s all about balance, so don’t think this is an “out with all the dark” requirement; rather, let the unexpected color and prints serve as a little fresh air!

finally, when we *hide* parts of ourselves +/or accommodate other people’s expectations of us, cleaning a closet is exhausting because we deal with our multiple personalities. before you embark on your next purge, try this: clear everything out so the space is bare + wipe down every corner/shelf/baseboard. vacuum or sweep. once it’s minty fresh, howl your intentions like a wolf! and if you are…

  • climbing the CAREER ladder, give your closet a VIP sweep. what is the attire for the job you desire? keep that or make space for its arrival. what doesn’t match your coveted role? consider donating it. spruce up your VIP lounge with wooden hangers. not only will this turn your closet into a well-suited space, the WOOD element is the epitome of new growth!


  • networking like a BOSS, take quick inventory of colors hanging around. black (it’s all about the ‘yin’) suggests we aren’t as open to connecting. don’t ditch the black; rather, make an effort (in tandem with your intention) to wear brighter colors, like buzz-worthy blues, can’t-stop-won’t-stop reds, check-me-out yellows, plucky oranges, or blaze-me-up pinks – anything that fires up yo’ soul! as for shoes, do they all face the same way, or are they shelved haphazardly? get a consistent look all toes facing the door, and your migratory pattern will change, taking you new directions!


  • looking for LOVE, dedicate space here for a partner. literally. bring in some hangers and leave them empty. clear out a drawer or two for her/his stuff. make room for your lover’s arrival the universe will sniff the hint! also, sizzle it up with FIRE element: spice up the silky lingerie drawer; bring in fiery colors, like reds + pinks; or remedy a corner or shelf with something you and your lovah-lovah will do together!


next time you and your closet meet for a tidying session, look for the clothing that speaks to who YOU are becoming. hang it back first. pay attention to what lights you up; crowns you queen wearing it; feels so good, you could live in it for days. THOSE are the things that go back immediately. as for everything else (and i am guessing the pile in the middle of the room was likely the stuff you were ambivalent about), be brave and willing to give yourself the freedom and space by releasing what/who you’ve “outgrown.” and when doubt insists, remember: if it’s not a HELL, YES, it’s a NO. xo