simple shui tip: CLEAN ON THE QUICK!

with the holiday hustle in the air, here’s how to clean on the quick!

step 1: divide your living space into 4 quadrants. does one look more cluttered or out of balance than the others? if so, begin there.

step 2: grab a box, and remove every other thing from the shelves and tables. when a room is ambushed by too much stuff, it morphs into fatigue and overwhelm in other areas of your life. once the space howls with a few empty spots, leave it alone for at least a day. after a breather, only return what you would buy again.

step 3: sift through the piles of books and magazines. ask yourself: do these kindle new ideas or arouse my creativity? if not, remove them for good. 

step 4: finally, what’s collecting dust? consider that these items might not be worth missing, and donate them. when you clear out what you don’t love, you emphasize your availability for new prospects and potential. 

step 5: go back to step 1, and repeat through the remaining 3 quadrants. xo


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