your clutter doesn’t happen overnight. it is the accumulation of one postponed decision after another. so, trying to tackle it all at once usually leaves us barely past the starting line. however, when we commit to small and steady steps every day, we practice living with detachment. and that’s how we let go of clutter.

spend 9 minutes today putting away a neglected pile of papers or clothes, clearing the mess of shoes ganged up by the back door, or returning anything that is not in its ‘home’ to where it belongs. and let this be your intention: i am showing up to this sacred partnership between my house and me for 9 minutes. every day. for the next 27 days.

and. keep these questions handy as you move through your 9 minutes:

what am i feeling right now?

what memories does this bring up for me?

who gave it to me?

why did i originally buy it?

would i buy this again today? if so, how much would i be willing to pay for it?

what/who does this remind me of?

do i feel guilty or scared to get rid of this? (if YES, this is a flashing sign in technicolor pink that these feelings are a pattern repeating somewhere in your life / experiences.)

we keep asking WHY until there is a clear understanding of the meaning and reasons for keeping things in your space — because that’s how you stop yourself from accumulating even more. do it once, do it right, and you’ll keep the energy of your space light! xo


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