simple shui tip: COMMAND THE ROOM!

one of Feng Shui’s main goals is to create space that shores up healthy chi so we live a longer life. there are a couple spaces where this really comes into play. those places are the bed and work space / desk.

when we aren’t facing incoming energy (in bed or at our desk), our personal chi is drained over time. why? unable to see who approaches us, our subconscious hovers on high alert, triggering our flight/flight response. eventually – because we’re always on guard, day after day – our personal energy is siphoned. 

so, Feng Shui places a premium on what it refers to as “the command position.” this observes that the best position for a bed and desk is on the wall opposite the door – preferably a little off to the side instead of directly aligned with the door. and ideally, the wall is behind you, like it’s “got your back.” think mafia boss sitting in the back of the room, up against a solid wall (no windows or doors), watching and seeing everyone coming and going. THAT is command.

want to take this up a notch? use the command configuration wherever you venture this year – from where you sit in restaurants and boardrooms to any spaces where you want to feel more in control. xo