simple shui tip: plant some prosperity

here are 4 ways to encourage money flow with a few plants:

TIP ONE: want to call more money into your life? any plants with round leaves – like African violets – are symbolic of coins. any plant with similar leaves is a common shui favorite when it comes to house greenery! i like to keep a few on the kitchen table. no matter where your kitchen falls, this room holds wealth energy, too, making a little plant love here a really good idea!

TIP TWO: need to network? group plants together as this shui power move triggers those opportunities. i tell this story often, but i have a client that swears whenever he puts new plants outside, it ‘always’ brings in new business. it is so effective, his staff will often ask – when there is a sudden surge of interest and activity – “what did you plant recently?”

TIP THREE: ladies, rosemary plants are associated with female financial independence, so get your herb on!

TIP FOUR: setting a new goal? nurture a plant, and it resonates with tending our goals and ambitions. wood represents reaching up and out toward new heights. so, if you’re looking to anchor your intentions and watch them grow, buy a plant today! xo