simple shui tip: what matters most when you shui

most people like to hear if they move their furniture, voila! good shui will come knocking. truth is, I’ve seen it happen. the really robust results, however, come from the little things. those, when done habitually, create the biggest transformation in our lives.

so, pulling from plenty of practice and observation, here’s what I find matters most when it comes to collaborating with the energy in your home:

ONE: what’s happening outside your home matters more than you’d think, so it’s not just those realtors that care about curb appeal!

TWO: predecessor chi is real, and it ripples into your energy (feelings, thoughts, behaviors) if you’re not mindfully clearing it.

THREE: the 3 power spots of a home (front door, bedroom and kitchen) hold enormous influence to enrich your chi – and they’re generally the “biggest bang for your shui” starting places when you’re new to this wisdom.

FOUR: the way energy (opportunities, possibilities) flows through your life is often persuaded by how chi flows through your home.

FIVE: your aesthetic preference (minimalism, maximalist, anything -core!) is not as informative to your shui success as you think – rather, it’s more about what you LOVE, what lights you up, what you need and use, and all the stories your things are telling.

SIX: color is an efficient fix in a lot of situations.

SEVEN: when things in your life change, your home is going to change, too.

EIGHT: not all clutter is bad – much of that decision and discernment depends on what’s going on in your life.

NINE: quality over quantity almost always works in your favor, so being persistent on this one is worth your patience.

TEN: there are opportunities and possibilities all around your home, so a little shui fluency is SUPER helpful for turning those into probabilities!