simple shui x angela denae (of Style Closet Life)

i am SO excited to introduce you all to Angela Denae of Style Closet Life! she and i connected a few months back to discuss the many ways shui and style overlap – a fabulous conversation any day of the week. (watch here!)

as soon as i heard she knew a thing or two about wardrobe capsules, though, i became a tidal wave of Qs. so, i hope you LOVE this exploration of “HOW TO” capsule like a pro. and if you have a few Qs of your own you wish i would’ve and could’ve asked, GOOD NEWS! she’ll be joining me later this month on IGTV to answer those, so stay tuned!

S/S: what is a wardrobe capsule?

A/D: essentially, a wardrobe capsule is a small collection of garments that are curated to be worn together in multiple ways. it is often tied together with a color palette and occasion focus. 

S/S: what are the benefits of a wardrobe capsule? 

A/D: there are so many benefits of a wardrobe capsule! it’s easy, sustainable, and attainable. i believe the biggest bonus is that it decreases the daily stress of figuring out what you are going to wear each day. when you mindfully create a small collection of clothes that fit well and coordinate together, you wake up each morning knowing you have outfits at your disposal. owning less gives us more brain space to focus on the more important things in our lives.

S/S: what are common hesitations / fears around starting a wardrobe capsule? and, in your experience, are those resolved once someone makes the commitment?

A/D: the biggest fear is that they won’t have anything to wear. after working with me to find the pieces that reflect their style and color palette, they realize that is far from the case. i personally don’t have a maximum number of clothes per capsule. it depends on my clients’ needs and lifestyle. once that is defined, we work backward to edit through their closet. it’s not as prescriptive as it’s portrayed on say, Pinterest or Instagram. you can have a capsule wardrobe of ball gowns if you want. it doesn’t only have to look like that minimalist look that has been super popular. 

S/S: how do we get started with a wardrobe capsule?

A/D: you first get real with yourself and pull out the pieces that you literally never wear. this opens up space for you to see the clothing that you’re actually wearing day in and day out. this is your foundation to understanding your style and real wardrobe needs. then you figure out what additional pieces you need in order to create head to toe outfits using your foundation pieces.  

S/S: is it common / encouraged to have more than one wardrobe capsule (seasonal, situational — work, play, going out, etc.)?

A/D: absolutely! we always start with the current season and then break out by lifestyle needs. this totally depends on the clients, so it can be work, going out, play dates (parents), workout, aerial training outfits (yes, i’ve done that too). you make it what you need it to be. if you don’t go out (which most of us don’t right now), then you don’t need that as a capsule wardrobe.  

S/S: i am savoring “you first get real with yourself and pull out the pieces that you literally never wear”! if you do nothing else this week, that alone would make a BIG difference in your closet shui and personal style statement. be sure to follow Angela on Insta and head over to her site to sign up for even more helpful tips and hints on streamlining your wardrobe (and taking your closet shui up a notch)! xo


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