simple shui x anjie cho

my heart is full to share our next SUPER SHUI STAR. if this is your first introduction into her world, ooh la la! you are in for a magical carpet ride! i’ve been a fangirl for years – always swooning over how beautifully she shares shui. her posts and guidance are visually soothing, descriptively delightful, and effectively encouraging. and her wisdom? it never skips a beat. so, with that, it is my tremendous treat to turn all the light on Anjie Cho of Holistic Spaces!

S/S: how did you get started in Feng Shui?

Anjie: during my Saturn return, i began my spiritual path which included meditation and yoga. i was really unhappy and knew something needed to change. as i began to walk that path, i naturally became curious as to how spirituality could dovetail into my work, i was an architect. i started studying Feng Shui and a whole new world opened up for me. 

S/S: what inspires you creatively?

Anjie: as an introvert, i’ve found that i draw my energy and creativity from within and by studying ancient wisdom traditions. i am a devoted student of meditation, Buddhism, and Kundalini yoga. i also find tremendous joy and inspiration exploring my Asian heritage through feng shui, tea ceremony, ikebana and other contemplative Buddhist dharma arts. 

S/S: what do you wish people really understood about Feng Shui? or, what is the biggest misconception / mistake people make when it comes to Feng Shui?

Anjie: Feng Shui is an experience of our senses and intuition. the practice is a connection of hearts and minds from teacher to student (or consultant to client) that has been flowing for centuries. it cannot be contained in a book or written down.

S/S: if you could leave people with one Feng Shui action they can take today, what would it be?

Anjie: have gratitude for your home, say “thank you home, i love you!” xo


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