simple shui x business as a magical practice podcast

a few weeks ago, i was the lucky guest on Business as a Magical Practice, the podcast! i talked with Sam (@thedirtyalchemy) about everything from the super basics, like…

what is Feng Shui?

are there any situations so dire that Feng Shui can’t clear the energy?

how can you work with Feng Shui to cultivate your role as CEO and call in more money & prosperity in all forms?

when we were done, Sam told me, “this is actually my favorite interview to date, and it has totally re-awakened my shui obsession!”

i had SO much fun connecting with Sam, and i know you’re going to love her, too!

one fair WARNING: this episode might cause you to get up and start rearranging your furniture, too!

tune in to Business as a Magical Practice anywhere you listen to podcasts! or, you can watch the unedited version on Youtube. xo


(thank you, Sam, for sending all the links!)


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