simple shui x design in-sights podcast

a couple months ago, i joined up with @galiateacollection for a conversation about shui. we covered a wide swath of terrain, so this one is packed with insights! read below what Sophia — my hostess and exquisite company — had to say about our chat, and then hop here to listen in… and a thousand thanks, Sophia, for inviting me to the discussion! xo

“We dove deep into what the elusive term Feng Shui actually means and its impact on your living space. From being in alignment with the energy of fortune to clearing your space to see the opportunities that are available, shui being a form of self care and how it can work with you to create not only the home of your dreams but help you have the life you have always wanted to live. ⁠Check out all the actionable advice she gives to easily start implementing them now in your space to create a massive impact in your life!”


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