simple shui x kristina hollinger

i’ve been watching our next SUPER SHUI STAR shimmy and shine for a while, dazzling her audience to make their own shui magic! what i LOVE most is how effortlessly she mixes design inspiration, numerology, moon magic and shui (of course!). it’s a deliciously whipped concoction that she serves up daily! so, do yourself a favor – follow my lead and get into the world of Kristina Hollinger

S/S: how did you get started in Feng Shui?

Kristina: i started in 2012. my husband and i were living in the South Loop of Chicago and things seemed to be going pretty well from the outside, but something felt like it was missing….

our apartment had not been painted in 3 years, so i decided to spruce the place up a bit. that’s when i discovered the bagua map….

i applied Feng Shui to our space. not only did it look good, but it felt good too! the months following the Feng Shui adjustments were a total WHIRLWIND…

my husband got an exciting advancement in his career. we found out we were having a baby. and we bought our first house. and that was only the beginning…

Feng Shui worked so well for me that i became certified with the Feng Shui School of Chicago in 2016… published a book… and i’ll have my first appearance on HGTV this fall! 

S/S: what inspires you creatively? 

Kristina: i am a certified Feng Shui consultant, but i feel like an interior designer at heart. the Feng Shui bagua map is what sparks my creativity! all five elements can be represented by SHAPE, COLOR or the actual element itself. using the bagua invites me integrate a variety of colors and textures that i would not normally consider. 

S/S: what do you think is the biggest misconception / mistake people make when it comes to Feng Shui?

Kristina: this is my FAVORITE QUESTION. i think one of the greatest misconceptions of Feng Shui is that it’s complicated. i’ve been trained in BTB Feng Shui, which was brought to the U.S. in the 80’s by Professor Thomas Lin Yun. it’s SO easy to apply, and it’s fun! but many people just don’t know about it yet… my mission is to be part of a movement where Feng Shui is as common as YOGA and MEDITATION. people would feel so much more HOPE and EMPOWERMENT if they understood how their environment influenced their ability to manifest their desires. 

S/S: if you could leave people with one FS action they can take today, what would it be?

Kristina: start with your bedroom! you can lay the bagua map on your bedroom and activate all 9 areas of your life including career, wealth, and relationships. don’t worry if you’re doing it wrong. your INTENTIONS are more powerful than anything. grab my FREE FENG SHUI 101 GUIDE here!

thank you, Amanda, for uniting the Feng Shui community and for giving me a voice on your page. i believe there is enough space for ALL of us to share our unique contributions with the world.

“there are more people in need of your gifts than people giving those gifts.” ~ Gabby Bernstein


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