simple shui x lisa alban

it’s a new year, and i’ve got a constellation of new SUPER SHUI STARS to share with you! first up is a gentle spirit whose excellent guidance is absolutely going to make her a favorite of yours. her posts are never without a dose of motivation. she’s an excellent teacher – with her own school! and she’s blends all her talents – like, art and healing – into her work. so, it is such an enormous pleasure for me to introduce you to Lisa Alban.

S/S: how did you get started in Feng Shui?

LA: i became aware how much my space impacted me at an early age. growing up in the northeast and being forced to play indoors during snowstorms made me keenly sensitive to environmental triggers that affected my success and happiness. my parents encouraged the development of my intuition, energy work, and healing. thankfully, they also supported my science experiments in light reflection and refraction and energy dowsing.

i’m an artist, pretty into science, a healer, and an environmentalist – all perfectly suited to fall in love with Feng Shui. i knew that if i had my bedroom arranged perfectly, i would rest better. i knew if my art studio were set up in the perfect way that my artwork process would be more inspiring, and the output would be more beautiful and meaningful. i grew to honor my intuition when i entered a room.

in my own little way, i was creating sacred spaces, and rotating them as my goals or areas of life focus evolved.

Feng Shui was my hobby, and in my 20-year corporate career in the TV industry, coworkers would say, “we better change this, Lisa’s going to say it’s not very Feng Shui!” Feng Shui was my way of life from how i lived at home to how i held my meetings in the boardroom. 

in February of 2019, beneath a super moon, i birthed my son in my driveway by accident. no, we did not make it to the birth center. it was such an empowering and primal moment, that i knew if i could do that, i could do anything. at that moment, i made the decision to jump both feet into starting my consultancy. after reconnecting with my Feng Shui friend and mentor, Steve Kodad, we decided to combine forces and open the Intrinsic School of Feng Shui together.

in under a year, both Cloud 9 Feng Shui and the Intrinsic School of Feng Shui were fully up, running, and changing lives for the better. i attribute this success not only to my grit, but also to my Feng Shui practice.

S/S: what inspires you creatively?

LA: i am inspired by nature as much as i am inspired by the stories that people tell me when i get to know them.

i live in a small artsy beach town by the water, and taking a walk downtown, in the park, or along the water can awaken so many ideas. i started incorporating music and doing meditation walks. realizing the synchronicity in nature and music allows ideas to flow easier and it feels so inspiring!

my favorite part about a consultation is the discovery interview portion of the consultation. i am an intuitive, and sensing visions and tuning into my client’s desires really gets my mind working on all levels to conceptualize wonderful ways to uniquely support their goals. i recently shared with a business client an image of a lighthouse that appeared to me as i approached her building. it meant so much to her because she owns an art gallery and really feels her services call out to new, budding artists in secret, helping to bring them out of their shells. in her follow-up consultation, we talked about ways that we could arrange her space to be more supportive of this aspect of branding and tying it into her mission.

S/S: what do you think is the biggest misconception people have when it comes to Feng Shui?

LA: the biggest misconception i come across is that Feng Shui means only Chinese symbolism, crystals and windchimes. sure, these items are popularly used in Feng Shui, but there are modern applications that are subtle and very personalized. i always say, “don’t worry – i won’t make your space look like a Chinese restaurant… UNLESS you want me to, because i could create a beautiful Chinese restaurant, too.”

the other misconception i get a lot is that Feng Shui is some sort of magic or that it would conflict with their religion or cultural upbringing. often time, when i work with corporations or commercial companies, the person who hires me will say, “just do your thing, i don’t need to know what you’re doing.”

i understand some prefer to take information in with baby steps. upon the second visit, they are more open to learning the behind-the-scenes practices, and nothing makes me happier than when i can train someone to create their own Feng Shui practices. it is then when it becomes much more powerful.

i’ve been told, “you’re my secret weapon.” while that’s flattering, i’m not superhuman. we each are born with the powers of intuition and intention. i’m just a conduit towards helping others awaken these abilities. that is why there’s no better time than now to learn Feng Shui so you can help be the change-makers to create a more beautiful now.

S/S: if you could leave people with one FS action they can take today, what would it be?

LA: have you ever walked into a teenager’s room, and it feels like a cave? this is called a yin imbalance. let natural light in! open your blinds and curtains, clean those windows, and create beautiful vignettes to maximize beautiful views. light is one of the biggest manifestations of chi and a cure when used properly. let natural light fill the space and raise the vibe, and shift your furnishings so there are no obstructions. if you’re missing a window, add a mirror to help bounce light. your windows are the eyes of your house, and the views from them can be used like artwork. if your views are not beautiful, add a flower box. doing this “window work” with your intention will better equip you to see opportunities with clarity. xo


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