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Feng Shui mirror ideas can enhance your home – and may impact your life in positive ways. developed in China over 4000 years ago, the practice of Feng Shui is based on the principles of improving the flow of chi (energy) in your home, in order to promote health, wealth and happiness. 

the literal translation is wind-water and the benefits of Feng Shui can include better sleep, increased prosperity, more harmonious relationships, and improved health. 

“our surroundings are always influencing our well-being,” says Amanda Gibby Peters, Feng Shui master and founder of Simple Shui. “behavioral scientists concur. studies prove that our environment affects our brains and bodies, which influence our thoughts and feelings, which coax our moods, behaviors and decisions. so, your home, your office, and anywhere you dwell is certainly deserving of consideration in your well-being and happiness goals because it’s holding influence over you every single day. Feng Shui itself is an understanding of this energy around us and an interpretation of ways to leverage it in our favor.”

whether you’re totally down with Feng Shui principles or are yet to be convinced, it’s not hard to see how many of its suggestions, such as increasing light in dark corners or clearing clutter, will improve your home and how you feel in it, prompting positive change. so, how can Feng Shui mirror ideas benefit your home?

join me over on Livingetc for 10+ ideas on ways to make a little mirror magic today! xo