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if there’s one thing that we can’t seem to have enough of in a home, it’s space. and if you’re working with a smaller space, it’s important to keep the energy flowing freely throughout your home. we all want rooms filled with soothing colors and simple, streamlined furnishings, but did you know that there are little mistakes that could be preventing positive energy from circulating throughout your space? while you can’t alter the square footage of your home, you can certainly improve the natural flow of energy with a few simple changes.

Redfin reached out to me for a little advice on bringing positive energy into any space – both mentally and physically. so, alongside other Feng Shui experts from Vancouver, B.C. to Little Rock, AR, i shared a little shui that “fits” any home, anywhere. from the front door to the bedroom, here’s what we had to say to help you instantly improve the energy in your small space!


the front door is where we entice auspicious energy into our homes, and in Feng Shui, this is the front door of a house. energy goes where the eye does, so it’s worth the endeavor to make the entrance as inviting as possible. three easy upgrades you can make to your front entrance include:

  • replacing any burned-out lights with brighter wattage.
  • wiping down the door and its hardware.
  • buying a new doormat or shaking out the one you currently use.

you can also incorporate healthy plants or bright flowers along the front path or porch to elevate beauty and suggest good health. (Simple Shui)


encourage the flow of positive energy with a vibrantly colored front door. homes are reflections of their occupants. if any part of the home is neglected or has negative energy, it’s reflected in the lives of the occupants. in Feng Shui, one of the first places to analyze in your home is the front door. a strong and vibrant-colored front door welcomes positive energy throughout your home. when chi can flow easily into your home, this brings the energy of abundance and ease. (Darcy Blaine)


add a small wreath to your doorknob to enhance the energy in your home. if you’re looking to enhance the energy in your home, you can manifest high vibrations by creating a small wreath for your doorknob. use a muslin bag, and put into it a tablespoon of salt, black tourmaline to protect from negative visitors, three new copper pennies for good spirits and vibrations in and around your home, and then add rose quartz for loving vibrations. tie this in a knot, and string it on the doorknob. (SaQred Space Solutions)

these are pretty fabulous, right? GOOD NEWS! we’re just getting started – head over here to read the other 15 simple tips, and then let me know: what has you intrigued to give it a try this weekend? xo


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