simplicity now, please!

when we fuel our days with expectations and obligations, the kamikaze chaos inevitably leaves us feeling overwhelmed and irritable. life happens in moments that quickly congeal into years. so, rather than living them hijacked by overstimulation, here are 4 ways to clear space for some simplicity now.

STOP DOING WHAT YOU’RE NOT DOING. the clutter from our TO DOs distracts us from prioritizing our well-being. the thing is we can’t do it all, all at the same time, and certainly not all of it at the same time well. choose what’s most important and stop “doing” what you’re not doing. shift out of the guilt and resentment that comes with an impossible list into the satisfaction of completing a few measurable tasks. prioritizing space and energy to finish what we start EQUALS breathing freely without that unnecessary “i should be…” chatter.

HONOR BOUNDARIES. when we don’t know where to put something, we postpone that responsibility – usually relegating it to a pile somewhere. but clutter starts its own mutiny and eventually drags our energy with it. boundaries. honor those boundaries, and it’s less likely things will end up somewhere by default. also, knowing where stuff belongs minimizes clutter. and that frees us from the drudgery of dealing with those procrastinated piles later.

SHOP FOR INSPIRATION; NOT STUFF. we acquire at a daring pace, but when it comes to letting things go, the resistance and excuses are real. instead of kowtowing to the impulse purchase, explore what really satiates your senses. this patient act of discovery is how we confidently release what we no longer love, use or want. and when our surroundings please us, we become more alive and aligned.

TRUST YOURSELF TO REMEMBER YOUR LIFE. we nurture our nostalgia, clinging to it like it’s the only proof of our experiences. memories are what we carry with us, and it is only the memory that bestows meaning on our things. hold onto what you LOVE, but if it is stored in the basement or a dusty box, consider why you’re keeping it and give yourself permission to make space for new memories. xo