soothe overwhelm in 3, 2, 1…

feeling overwhelmed? here are 3 ways to help soothe it:

tackle any clutter. and for clarification, clutter isn’t just the ‘messy stuff.’ it is your unfinished projects. it can be too many things crammed into a space (think: drawers, files, hard drive). it is overwhelmed bookshelves. it’s anything broken. and it is usually whatever undermines your productivity. by the way, with Mercury retrograde flexing muscle (May 29 – June 22, 2021), this is an excellent time to RE-VISIT your things to decide what should stay and what can go.

next, go to the center of your house. say HELLO to your home’s motherboard. the middle of a home influences all the life energy areas around it – translation: wealth, health, and love (just to name a few). observe what’s happening here (especially before applying any Feng Shui remedy in your house). this space will either amplify or interrupt how you want to feel. my suggestion: place something heavy — like a bowl of rocks — here. a little weight is a welcome remedy during periods of overwhelm. other ideas for slowing down that TO DO ticker: imagery of mountains, an elephant figurine, or a heavy statue. anything that depicts a sense of weighty reassurance is shui-fection! since the middle point of a home feeds its energy into all the other areas of your home (and life), it makes this a practical place for anchoring *solid* support.

finally, minimize distractions. i do this by making an irrefutable first impression with one focal point in every room. something that refuses to be missed upon entering. my go-to’s are typically bright colors, larger-than-life decor, or something really beautiful. these visual pros know how to grab the eye and woo away! once our eyes are anchored to this one thing, they can then consume everything else happening in the room without visual indigestion (aka: overwhelm). and less overwhelm equals calm, clear clarity. xo


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