“spelling is a spell”

a few suggestions as we move into the space of a whole new year and within reach of those minty fresh intentions…

emotions are the easiest invitation to welcome change.


ONE: how would these goals, once accomplished, make you feel?

begin making daily choices now that deliberately cultivate this feeling because emotions move us into alignment with those opportunities rather quickly.

TWO: instead of setting too small a goal so it feels achievable, break down your really big dream into weekly goals.

one of the best exercises ever recommended to me was a post-it map.

write down the goal you have on one post-it. on the next post-it, write down where you are now. place them at two separate ends of a wall, table, desk, vision board, what-have-you.

and then, one post-it at a time, right down every action step you conceive necessary to make this dream happen. . .and place them in between today and your intention manifested and in full bloom.

each week, grab a post-it and work on that action step. one post-it is manageable. the visual reminders stimulate the universe to orchestrate on your behalf. and the feeling of map progression is rewarding.

(by the way, this is how EVERYTHING i have ever created comes to life – my site content, workbooks, videos, book, courses, and now my certification program!)

THREE: watch for signs and invitations without judgement.

every goal i write down manifests first signs of life with little chances. opportunity always finds me, but if i’m not receptive to its assignments or the work, the chance to transition from dream to real-life withers.

when we set an intention, we create the expectation. we declare a desire. and we commune with whatever genius hears our requests.

so, start writing those intentions and begin redirecting now so the new year meets you halfway, ready to really expand what’s possible for you now that you’re tucked inside 2023! xo