stressed? read this.

i often sense when someone wants Feng Shui to be a shortcut. they crave quick results without wanting to do the real work. and commonly, that work is dealing with their clutter.


clutter – even if it doesn’t “bother” you – makes us complacent. and complacency, my pretties, is sneaky. complacent is where we stop trying to live our best lives. and that is most definitely a LOW VIBE state of being and living.

listen, i get it. we don’t want to end up elbow deep in our stuff. we’ve tried to clear and clean, and we’re exhausted by allll the decisions. we’re emotionally spent.

and that’s how i end up with clients talking to me about SHUI in search of a short cut to feeling better.

but. clutter is stress, and stress is contagious.

it increases cortisol.
it shrinks our brains.
it leads to depression.
and it affects women significantly more.

if you’re wanting to get somewhere better, shui can help but it doesn’t remedy your chi deficit without your participation.

so, this is a nudge to take time to hear the conversation around you.

what does all this stuff mean to you?

how does it make you feel?

is it useful?

what does this remind you of?

who does it remind you of?

would you buy it all again today? and if so, how much are you willing to pay for it?

do your things inspire and lift your energy, or do they demand your attention and energy?

shui is most definitely here to make all kinds of things right for you, but it can’t be antagonized by clutter.

so, clearing your clutter – as challenging as its course appears – is actually one of the best short-cuts available to us all! xo


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