the 5 languages of LOVE: the home edition!

Q: “i got my report and i’ve read it a million times and just feel in LOVE with all of the ideas! i swear we’re getting good news every day! we’re wondering if there’s anything we can/should do to show gratitude and keep up the positive energy?”

A: such a FABULOUS question – thank you! your home is a living, breathing member of your family – and like most of our relationships, a simple way to make our loved ones feel good is to LATHER them with our attention and gratitude.

so, try this: how do YOU prefer to be acknowledged and appreciated? THAT is your first clue where to start with your home. for a little more guidance, i dipped into the 5 languages of LOVE to inspire the conversation.


acknowledge something fabulous in your life daily – and celebrate it. these daily toasts add up and leave a room feeling GOOD, which means you leave the space feeling good! and when we celebrate, it communicates what we want to see more of in our lives.

nurture YOU by dedicating a space for quiet. (you could simply wake up early, too, to make this possible!)

leave technology out of your bedroom – think of this as both energetic preservation and a personal boundary.

appeal to all 5 senses as a stylistic approach for each room – and your creative self will flourish at home!

bless your home.


give every room one WOW factor – this animates the space and lifts its confidence almost immediately! see for inspo!

reinvent a room (and yourself) by adding something new to it. change the lampshades, bring a pair of candlesticks to the table, or hang a neon sign!

splurge on a signature scent – a candle, incense, or house spray that you LOVE – and start the day with it!

keep passion on display in your home – anything you absolutely LOVE works. a home that showcases your personality gives off that one-of-a-kind, stand-out energy!

invest in quality. translation: (1) less impulse buying. (2) choosing (and sometimes splurging) on items intentionally designed/made for endurance. and (3) compiling a room on a simmer (instead of a hustle).

(words of affirmation, acts of service and physical touch ideas coming in the next post!) xo


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