the magic of sweeping

what began as a simple starting point for an overwhelmed client has become the vertebrae for all my consults and courses. whether you are at a crossroads or just want to keep your energy upright, sweeping is a magical ritual. so, if you’ve never heard this before, here are three reasons to grab your broom and give this a whirl:

1: rituals often reinforce specific intentions. so, the more you honor any ritual you set, the more energy you collect around your intention. eventually, those intentions blossom and become a fragrant part of your life. and a simple ritual i LOVE is to regularly sweep outside our front door. i give thanks for the day (or week) and all its possibilities, and this signals to the universe we’re open for luck to make herself at home here!

2: if you aren’t sure where to sweep, start outside your front door. shui holds that our entryway welcomes blessings into a home, so if you want luck and opportunity to find you, (1) make your entrance entrancing, and (2) use it! the more we use the (architecturally intended) front door, the more we cater to and welcome auspicious energy into our homes and lives. and a sweeping ritual is the perfect way to stitch the door’s frequent use into a regular habit.

3: the act of sweeping is synonymous for *out with the old, in with the new.* not only are you sweeping away dirt and debris, you are symbolically releasing the past and any low vibe energy while preparing room to receive *refreshments.* sweeping is a simple gesture of self-hospitality, and it’s a powerful way to greet abundance and possibilities into our lives.

once you start sweeping, watch for delightful little synchronicities – the universe will answer the vibrational call. and as your home becomes a magnet for potential, listen to your instincts. your house will give you clues and cues precisely where to take your attention and TLC next. trust it, lean into it, and when you don’t know what else to do, now you know – sweep! xo


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