the power of personal style statements

i encourage clients to punctuate their spaces with positive metaphors – personal style statements that *match* how they want to feel and get that energy humming. when we understand the implications of a good metaphor, we can contour the experiences we desire. if free-styling with metaphor has you intrigued… let’s play with one together.

say you’re in the market for an “energetic lift” — how can your home help?

think of everything that “lifts” the eye (energy follows the eye), and start there. and if you need a little more guidance, here are a few ideas (to get your creative genius going) that i know reverberate upbeat changes from the inside out:

use imagery that portrays something “taking off” — birds, the sun coming up, a mountain-scape…

hang things up (instead of letting them take residence underfoot).

turn those book stacks on your shelves into a library-like (vertical) line-up.

curate the top shelf of your bookshelves with something eye-catching or intentional — i keep globes on ours!

swap out the bedside lamps for sconces.

level your whole bedroom vibe up with a tall headboard.

hang a sparkly chandelier.

light the candles.

pull up the blinds every day.

add a surfboard to the room decor! (i LOVE @stfranktextiles selection!)

choose high-back chairs for the table / high-back barstools for the counter.

pay attention to the imagery around your home — be mindful of too much artwork or photographs that have people gazing down, almost in reverie.

buy gladiolas, sunflowers, eucalyptus leaves, flowering branches or orchids for your home.

install lighting above the kitchen cabinets.

bring a tall green chi buddy (plant) home!

dress your door with a wreath — you know i LOVE @branchnbloom’s swag!

hang patio lights, prayer flags, flowering baskets, twinkling lights or a wind chime outside.

keep things off the floor and countertops.

set the table with candlesticks (and light the candles!).

pull out the champagne glasses and pop the bubbly (what are those bubbles doing?).

environmental metaphor is one way we make our home compatible with our intentions and desires, so tell me this:

what metaphor are you creating next in yours?!? xo


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