there’s a flower for that…

plants and flowers do all sorts of fancy talking in a home, improving the quality of our well-being and harnessing ultra-replenishing energy. and when they are well taken care of, green chi and fresh blooms are the gift that keeps on giving.

need a few suggestions to awaken your creative green thumb?

if health is an issue, go for white blooms.

want to give LOVE, find pink blossoms.

and for those who are all about the money honey, purple buds will take them there.

as for orchids – they re-calibrate career energies while also influencing family harmony.

want to inspire your own transformation, try a friendly bundle of sunflowers.

in the mood for passion or a swell of lucky opportunities, keep a few bundles of crimson flowers around a room as focal points.

having problems with neighbors or co-workers? put some orange flowers between your houses, or bring a bundle of orange blooms into the office every week – and watch those lines of connection sway your way!

flowering branches are powerhouses when overcoming obstacles.

a magnolia wreath is equal parts sophistication and self-awareness.

and a flower whose status quo is LOVE? peonies are so gorgeous – sensual to the touch and robust in their prowess. peonies are also LOVE magic. however, their elixir is potent so here’s what you need to know:

if you are single and looking for LOVE, buy a bundle or display an image of peonies in your living room. if you decide to keep peonies in the bedroom, just know they tend to attract briefly beautiful dalliances. also, choose softer hues of pinks instead of red; otherwise, new relationships might sizzle up and fizzle out quickly. and if you’re married and looking to channel some passion, red peonies in a living room will push that agenda. peonies in the bedroom have potential to attract youthful distractions outside the relationship — so, be aware of their placement.

p.s. some of these tips are taken from my book Simple Shui for Every Day – so if you likey, you’ll want to grab a copy for even more fabulous insights and inspiration! xo

photo by Farmgirl Flowers


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