these 8 tips will boost your wealth chi

how about 8 easy tips for whistlin’ a little more wealth energy your way?

TIP ONE: spray 8 rocks gold and stack them on the right side of the door (looking at your house from the street). the metaphorical shui is this represents a mountain of wealth. so, with your Midas touch, set an intention and see what dough rolls your way!

TIP TWObless your door with a little cinnamon. when we pair cinnamon with the front door, we remove energetic blocks that prevent money (income and customers) from coming in.

my standard RX: standing outside the front door (or office door), i put 3 pinches of it in my hand and blow it toward the door!

TIP THREE: whenever you’re looking for more money, honey, place 3 I-Ching coins (strung together with red string) in a red envelope and put it under your front door mat or under your computer (if that’s where you primarily work). (i source mine from Etsy, so start there!)

TIP FOUR: stoke all your burners once a day. what i typically see (and hear from clients) is one favorite burner being used all the time. the rest? untapped prosperity. don’t let that happen to you. (add moving water to this mix, and you’ve got a power squad at your fingertips!)

TIP FIVE: hang a mirror behind your stove, doubling those burners! since a stove’s burners represent your prosperity, you can maximize those auspicious opportunities by reflecting and doubling that prosperity. during a summit interview, the host told me she did this cure when her business wasn’t selling. the next day, after hanging a mirror by her stove top, she had a full-asking offer on the table! 

TIP SIX: wash your floors with some basil! not only is this cleanse great for prepping your foundation for prosperity, basil also creates a sympathetic vibration (softening any disagreeable energy), which then allows negativity to move along. 

a quick search on Etsy will pull up several options, if you want to buy. or, you can make your own by simmering some water and adding a generous handful of basil leaves. let this concoction simmer for about 10 minutes, and then once it’s cool, you’re ready to wash away any lingering bad luck.

bonus tip: start at the back of your home and work your way to the front!

TIP SEVEN: put some money in a red envelope under your mattress (standing at the foot of your bed, the top left-hand corner of the mattress is your Wealth gua) to anchor a little extra abundance!  

TIP EIGHT: fill a small bowl with uncooked rice and bury 3, 6, or 9 coins in the rice. place the rice bowl in the Wealth corner of your office. set the intention that your Wealth (which is more than money – it is the abundance of connections, network, and opportunities) will grow. 

want to take this a step further, write a specific wish with red ink on a piece of paper, put it in a red envelope, and place the envelope underneath the rice bowl. 

(rice has been symbolic of prosperity for thousands of years, and dates back to shui’s agrarian roots. when harvest was plentiful, there was an abundance of food for the family. and if a family had plenty of food, they were strong and healthy, which meant they could work hard and prosper.) 

*one simple shui note: none of these tips are short-cuts. money won’t magically and instantly appear. instead, opportunities will knock. i often say that when the knock comes to the door, your response is DO THE WORK that shows up.

shui reliably triggers opportunity and lends a helping hand, but it does not do the work for you. so, just remember your effort is a necessary and required ingredient when working with shui! xo