this is what you really want from Feng Shui…

people come to Feng Shui for all different reasons, and no two Simple Shui consults have ever been the same. sure, there are overlapping similarities, but it is the story behind the ‘why’ that makes each client’s home so unique. 

however, having done this work for 15 years, here is what is consistent: that first pull into shui is usually an attempt to protect ourselves from some perceived fear. 

to newbies, shui presents as magic, an answer, possibility, a promise. it’s an approach that reaches beyond their previous scope of reason so maybe, just maybe, it’ll deliver.

here is what else i know.

whatever the ‘story’ is isn’t the reason someone comes to shui.

it is often the symptom of something else.

let me show you.  

answer this: how good does it feel when someone accommodates you?

no questions. no side-eye. no judgement or negotiating.

they just give you what you want.

it feels hella good.


what we really want is flow and ease. 

flow and ease – in a marriage, a divorce, through a health concern, during a financial crisis, navigating a career shift, a relationship, a new home, the sale of your home, feeling better, COVID, [add your concern to the list] – are what really pull people into Feng Shui.

because flow and ease mean less fear.

now, let’s take your space – a power grid full of support for every single concern mentioned – and consider this:

what would be possible if you dedicated a little more resource (time, money, effort, patience) to making it accommodate you?

you live, breathe, create, and become in your surroundings.

your space – wherever you are – is always influencing you. it is literally the backdrop of your life. and it plays the role you choose for it.

so, if you want less fear and more flow and ease, you have to choose to make your space MATCH that energy.

no idea where to even start? here are 3 excellent options:

clear your clutter. it is stagnation. it is indecision. it is exhaust fumes. and it is holding you to your past (decisions, choices, doubts, regrets…) – the opposite of accommodation and ease. 

elevate your prosperity consciousness. it’s this simple: do the little things that feel really good. they add up. and one really good day can feel like a million bucks, right? so, make that possibility normal and inevitable. buy ridiculously good coffee and honor a ritual in the morning to celebrate this abundance. open the drapes / blinds and let the sunlight flood your space – feeling the appreciation for so much light. light a fancy candle at your desk. buy yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers JUST BECAUSE. splurge on some new sheets. the little things – happiness studies agree – are where BIG mindset shifts happen.

make a BOLD statement in your home. COVID has really turned the tide on curating Insta-worthy homes – we’re after comfort now more than ever. so, ride the wave and do something creative, original, and stylistically YOU in your house. no permission needed! not only will people witness the real you – hello, courage! it also makes you more comfortable with her. and because you’re not chasing anyone else’s dreams, this allows you to both assert and dwell in your incantation. someone say POWERHOUSE? (i like inspo, so if you do, too,  look herehere, and here.)

choose NOW to make choices that feel like flow and ease in your house, and within 6 months, your life will feel / look / be different. and if you want to dedicate a little more effort, let’s talk. a few months with me right now will pay itself forward for years to come! 


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