want to travel more? shui can help!

before shui came into my life, travel wasn’t in my forecast. i didn’t have the budget. time wasn’t sitting around in wads, begging me to use it. and the opportunities weren’t necessarily presenting themselves either.

when i look back at pictures of our home now, i see subtle changes in how — inspired by shui — i anchored the possibility of travel in our environment. i loaded up the belief travel would happen through a careful selection of things — travel books, maps, globes and art. and eventually, the desire aligned with my reality. (check out my stories today to see just how well this worked!)

and it started with getting metaphorically clever! i added some maps to the hallway bookshelves that lived in our Life Journey area. maps provide direction, and in Feng Shui, they guide the soul. stretching this genius, i taped part of a map to a standing magnifying glass – bringing in and amplifying the imagery of the ocean. (i really wanted to travel abroad!)

two weeks after i put these maps in our Life Journey gua, my girlfriend called. she was planning a trip to Paris and wanted to know if i cared to join her. ummm…OUI, s’il vous plait!

here’s where it gets really wild…

a couple weeks later, i was dusting the shelves and looked closely at the map on the magnifying glass. and on that map was Paris!


think about an ambition you have. maybe it came in a creative rush, inspiring your brilliance. if your environment does not reflect this imaginative whirlpool, you might end up feeling drained instead of actually having that intoxicating burn to make stuff happen. you are pulled back. slowed down. and back where you began.

look around a room in your house.

what are your things expressing?

what memories are attached to them?

has anything gone unconscious or stagnant?

do you have something in the room you LOVE?

and are your intentions held in place somewhere in the room?

when you lack environmental displays of your goal’s destination, the likelihood is you’ll stay put.

shift your home visually to where you want to be in a couple of years. because once you step into alignment with that energy, life catapults you forward in the most generous ways. xo


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