what’s the difference between a Feng Shui “remedy” and “enhancement”?

there are two terms i use around here often that might seem interchangeable — but, in fact, they have different roles in Feng Shui.

when i refer to a Feng Shui “remedy”, i’m recommending a strategy to intentionally alter the energy around you. a remedy does not “cure” problem(s). instead, it improves our connection to the energy around us, so we can intuitively and confidently draw strength from our surroundings. remedies empower us to confidently (and with more ease) work through situations instead of feeling like challenges are working against us.

when mentioning a Feng Shui “enhancement”, i am suggesting an energetic improvement that widens your receptivity to auspicious opportunities. enhancements help us feel better — even if we don’t think they will. when we feel better, we *show up* better. and when we *show up* better, we’re more likely to see and align ourselves (sometimes effortlessly) with positive experiences and opportunities.

now, whether i am discussing a remedy or enhancement, they both share one necessary ingredient to be successful: YOUR INTENTION. it is imperative we feel connected and empowered by the remedies and enhancements we employ. (this is why i repeatedly return to the statement: LIVE – and shui – WITH WHAT YOU LOVE.) when we make any change without giving it a job or setting an intention, we rob ourselves the opportunity to collaborate with the energy on our own behalf. xo


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