“words are things…”

words become full expressions of energy. every utterance we make carries its own power and intention, curating the backdrop of our lives.

when a client’s home feels sticky or heavy, i start a conversation about words.

i want to know…

is there open communication flow?

are conversations usually enjoyable, or are arguments and criticism common?

what entertainment is consumed? any boundaries around media?

where is a favorite spot in the home and why?

so, if we are guilty of some negative wording (and who isn’t?), how do we handle the frequencies they create? after all, you can’t see words to clean them up; yet, their residue is just as real.

open the windows. think about how amazing it feels when out in nature. the air is alive and electric with potent life force, often filling us with fresh hope. when we open windows, we invite this same wild grace into our space. the outside air beckons our home to enjoy a deep cleansing breath, exhaling negativity out.

burn incense. as mindful as we strive to be in conversation, we sometimes say too much. and as carefully as we filter what seeps in through media, it is an easy slip. so, keep a stash of incense sticks handy. incense has a magical quality that shifts energy immediately. experiment, and use what your nose LOVES. our intention while clearing the air carries its own irrefutable power.

sweep. vacuuming works well when keeping an area pristine of dust or dirt – both which carry low wattage energy. however, it is the symbolic gesture of sweeping with a broom that creates a palpable energetic shift. vacuum as a maintenance ritual, but when energy feels static, sweep. and don’t worry if an area is carpeted – the bristles don’t even need to touch the ground. sweep toward a door or an open window – and know you’re sweeping out the old to make room for refreshments.

take a sea salt bath. when left unattended, toxic words eventually get into us. they pile up and we feel the effects weeks later in unexpected outbursts or clinging bad moods. slip into a salty bath for 20 minutes, and you’ll release any accumulated toxicity and renew your energetic fields immediately. xo


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