your *excuse* to buy fresh flowers…

is this YOU?

excuse 1: “fresh flowers are too expensive.”

when we are closed off to possibilities before considering our options, we reinforce that experience and outcome in our lives with everything else. flowers aren’t waiting for someone who “deserves” them; they are there for whomever is willing to allow beauty in their lives. so, decide what you’re comfortable spending and wander into a local grocer. there is usually a bundle priced perfectly for you.

excuse 2: “i’ll wait until guests come/the holidays/someone gives them to me.”

wait for a perfect moment, and it won’t happen. YOU are the reason to buy fresh flowers. no fancy party necessary or good enough excuse to wait. when we squander opportunities to appreciate our ordinary moments, we interrupt the flow of abundance in our lives.

excuse 3: “i don’t know where i’d put a vase of flowers.”

start in the kitchen. it’s a place everyone can enjoy them, and the kitchen is synonymous with prosperity and fortune. and by bringing them into our homes regularly, we begin seeing every day as another galloping opportunity to celebrate life.

excuse 4: “they don’t last long enough – it’s not worth the money.”

i hear you – i really do. and i once would’ve nodded along. but you know what? flowers are brilliant masters teaching us to enjoy the present fully because no two moments are the same. ever. and when we resist change to keep things the same, energy gets stagnant and stale. we feel less inspired. our days become monotonous and predictable, and we fall into a rut. flowers are a convenient way to limber up energy patterns in our homes and lives, keeping things fresh.

there are two things i am incredibly good at – teaching shui and inspiring people to make room for beauty in their lives! flowers are gorgeous preachers of the good life, showering our space with a little extra LOVE. so, let the excuses go. mix things up, and step out to buy some gorgeous chi today. (and when you do, tag me — i want to see your bloomies!) xo