your house is the prayer…

the energy we pour into our homes gives attention to whatever we desire. so, i speak my truth within our walls to mirror the world i want to see outside my front door. it’s a devotion to possibilities beyond my understanding; it’s a daily practice in treasuring ourselves and our immense blessings; it’s adhering to a healthy order of our things; and it’s creating sacred space where we honor our spiritual roots and cosmic connection to the whole.

when we live in / with fear, it overrides everything else. and until we overcome fear, self-actualization is impossible. while we have little control beyond our sidewalk, the way we live carries the silent potency to change our world.

so. . .

use high frequency words – these are our daily brush strokes. curtail complaining. be mindful of the media saturating the walls. speak consciously. pattern your language so it protects that holy connection to your intentions.

take care of your body. choose good foods, indulge yourself with sleep, sit in stillness, and practice self-care. this is energetic integrity 101. our energy fuels or flattens those around us, so your presence alone is an action.

honor rituals. wake up in gratitude, share dinners together, breathe into your creativity, love what you’ve got instead of what you want, be present and resist the vortex of future tripping, serve others, and mindfully care for your space. small, repeated efforts have mysterious ways of unveiling resolutions to our problems.

is shui an inoculation against bad things happening?


but with the internal informing the external, i know this: real change happens here.

through shui, our house becomes the prayer.

by taking care of our home, we take care of ourselves.

and from that sacred space, we feel better. become better. live better. which enriches everything else. xo


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