LOVE your home, CHANGE your life!

“Amanda Gibby Peters came into my life a few years ago and my life has never been the same. In the best way, I can say that it improved the flow in my life. It has been helpful in times of joy and when life felt broken.

She has an energy…

a spark…

a calming and beautiful presence with her clients.

There has been so much discovery and honoring. It has changed my relationship with my external environment and shifted my internal relationship with myself. I cannot emphasize enough how much my experience with Amanda nurtured my life. My husband – unaware and skeptical of Feng Shui two years ago – now embraces this new way of having the conversation. Amanda is priceless and her gift is remarkable.”

Anna Ryan Drew

BFA, MSW and CEO of A.R.Drew Art

while some of the stressors around us are easy to see, sometimes the source of bad-fit energy is less obvious. and the cost isn’t always just minor inconveniences, a little extra mental clutter, or everyday stress.

sometimes it’s our dreams that suffer. sometimes it’s our relationships. sometimes it’s our self-worth.

so many of my clients are at the end of their own to-do lists when they consult with me. they’re tired, they’re frustrated, and they’ve forgotten why they’re hustling so hard.

which is why i KNOW you can take whatever area of your life is frustrating you and turn it into an opportunity, too.


if you’re ready to let go of the expectation of perfection or quick fixes…

if you’re willing to do the deeper work…

if you’re ready to transform your home (and your life!) working from the ground up, taking your time, and envisioning new possibilities for yourself…

a 1:1 is can absolutely get there.

i have two more openings for spring / summer 2022, so let’s talk to find out if one them is YOURS! xo


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