5 ways to help your kiddo with Feng Shui…

if you’ve got a kiddo struggling, here are 5 things you can do to help them out…

TIP ONE: suss out what’s happening in the Family, Children / Creativity and Love / Relationship guas – all three are intricately tied to family energy. this is where *getting metaphorical* can help – do you see anything struggling? nothing changing in these spaces? not enough light? amp up your shui remedies in these spaces!

TIP TWO: invite your child to sit at the head of the table or in command during meals – this will give them a sense of empowerment, and every ounce of encouragement helps, right?

TIP THREE: check the windows. doors represent the voices of parents; windows represent the voices of the littles. so, clean, repair, and keep them in good condition!

TIP FOUR: self-esteem is everything, so do a photo check. make sure you have updated family photos – if those hang on the wall – and ask your kiddos if there are any that make them cringe. my suggestion: ask what they don’t like about the photo so you understand why it could be impacting how they feel, and then change them out!

TIP FIVE: check the living room – is everyone’s personality on display here? or are there opportunities to plant their presence here? living rooms are a great space to suggest the family unit, and your kid feeling part of it – even if they seem resistant – can make a difference in them not feeling isolated or alone! xo

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