a client story (and my most memorable consult yet!)

i was asked during a recent interview about the most memorable home i’ve ever shui’d. every space and client i work with adds something new to my practice and deepens my understanding of shui, so they all remain with me. however, it’s my very first client – after completing my first professional certification program – who i think of when this Q comes up. 
she hired me days after her ex-fiancé set her home ablaze and killed her dog. 

it could’ve become her story and consumed her happiness and well-being whole. instead, a warrior rallied to life. and an empowering love for her house prompted the question: could shui help rebuild and reclaim her home?

we had a long talk, and it was clear her LOVE for the devastated space was bigger than this awful moment. so, i agreed to help, and we built her home from the foundation up with shui as our sherpa.

shui is always spiritual work first because we are in conversation with unseen forces and sacred energies. and in this situation, it was our blueprint for everything.

before beginning the rebuild, it was imperative to re-establish peace between the foundation of her home and the earth. everything is connected, and it was necessary to acknowledge that a harmonious bond had been severed. we swept the foundation, symbolically getting rid of any lingering energetic residue. we then buried crystals at all four points around her property. this ritual was passed down to me from one of my teachers, blending the wisdom of shui with an Earth Medicine ceremony. the purpose of the crystals: to serve as guarding lights for her and her home. (this. was. powerful.) as we completed the ritual, i encouraged her to fully embrace the role of cheerleader for her “new” home. when our space has been harmed in any way, we owe it bulldog determination to protect it from any type of careless talk or judgement. 

when we met next, we discussed her plans for the new space so she could fully embrace this opportunity. her previous home was lacking its wealth corner, and i suggested she extend this space out more fully so the house was balanced. (it became a GORGEOUS and GLORIOUS closet – see below!)

once the exterior walls were up, i suggested small changes that would continue feeding her sanctuary. a couple of those considerations included:

  • a door on the master bathroom toilet / when we can see a toilet from bed, it has a draining and depressing effect on our mood.
  • additional exterior lights and security features / when we make efforts to establish safety and comfort before design, our subconscious relishes the attention. 

as she worked to replace her belongings throughout the home, i suggested she favor a few new additions to her décor, including:

  • water features – which she did brilliantly with glossy artwork placed beautifully throughout the house. water soothes anxiety and allows us to deal with deeper emotions so transformation can take place.
  • a tall headboard to represent solid support and security in her life moving forward. 

every single design choice, though, had to come from LOVE.

the process was not without its hurdles or challenges, but shui is not meant to fool-proof or inoculate anything. so, when her ex violated his parole, everyone worried. when he was found squatting in an empty house just around her block, his motives didn’t escape us. however, cameras installed outside her house showed he never came near her property. and it was a beautiful affirmation that all the unseen energy around her was present and working. 

all these years later, that original shui is still holding up. 

my client is the ultimate shui success story. she has turning her craft into 2 (and counting) thriving businesses. she created her own product line that is now featured around the world, and she is flown in EVERYWHERE to educate how to use it. she’s been in a healthy, beautiful relationship – the kind everyone of us deserves – for years now. to bring more balance into her life, she purchased a horse at the end of 2019 – so, she is out riding these days (a childhood passion) when she’s not working. and when COVID hit, she was one of the few small business owners i know who had cash stashed for a rainy day. all the hard work belongs to my client – she’s created the most out of every opportunity available. and the shui? it created the nourishing container for all her efforts to flow and flourish.

and now, enjoy the glimpses below…



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