let’s talk about clutter | part three

(wrapping up this post and that post earlier this week…)

resist blaming others for the clutter. there’s a saying “a rising tide lifts all boats.” while it might be totally true you live with the “messiest”people on earth, it’s weak justification for not clearing your own ‘side of the street.’ when we clear our own space and walk away satisfied from the results, it’s contagious. and this orchestrates consideration and cooperation from everyone else.

establish new rituals for your house. once you’ve cleared the clutter, no matter how small the space, observe ground rules for what comes in moving forward. (1) acquire something new? let something else go. this subtly encourages us to be prudent with our purchases. (2) lean into quality instead of quantity. by investing more money into our things, we are less likely to impulsively shop. (3) honor daily rituals in your home. they prescribe the perfect dose of structure and allow us to observe what our things are “saying” to us (remember, inspiration or brain drain).

coco chanel believed it was better to be slightly underdressed – addition by means of subtraction. i feel the same way about a home. we live in a vibrational universe that respects our efforts, and one surge of clean relief jolts awake our body and realigns our spirit. and in the gorgeous company of feeling all that refreshed energy and saturated contentment, the portal to everything NEW (mindset, opportunities, connections) opens wide and whistles for YOU! xo

/ photo by @farmgirlflowers /


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