let’s talk about clutter | part one

at first glance, clutter appears to just be ordinary stuff. start talking about it, though, and you’ll hear procrastination; overwhelm; items kept out of guilt or obligation; things we don’t use; and an assortment of “what ifs” and “just in case” excuses.

it all shares one common thread: a fear life won’t get better. go deeper, and that fear insists we don’t deserve better. by better, i don’t mean nicer things. i’m talking about resources money can’t buy – more energy, time, freedom…which can lead to clarity, creative expression, better relationships, and improved health.

clutter in a home is often incongruent with our authentic desires. we say we want change and believe we are ready for it, but our things subliminally suggest otherwise. so, we end up stuck. our energy has its own mood swings, and we feel trapped by circumstances.

there is a simple remedy.

when we are gentle but brutally honest about what we LOVE, we reclaim space – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

so, where do we start?

schedule the time and honor it. we all have clutter culprits – those stuffed spaces we want to go through, but there is never enough time. clutter piles up one decision at a time and becomes a congregation of postponed emotions, so resistance is completely normal. except, you want life to feel cooperative again, right? pick an area to tackle, schedule the time, show up and do it.

no matter the space, take everything out and clean like God is coming. start anywhere – a drawer, your closet, or the attic – and take every single thing out. (note: ready yourself for MAJOR self-reflection.) wipe down the entire space and set some new intentions. this hands-on effort – cleaning shelves, vacuuming corners, or wiping down baseboards – wakes YOU and your house up!

and, perhaps, most importantly…

instead of thinking what to get rid of, decide what you’ll keep. ask yourself 3 questions: do i LOVE it? do i use it? would i buy it again today? edit your space for your how you want to edit your life. and when you’ve hauled every last thing out, only put back what you really LOVE. (wondering what to do next? part two coming Wednesday…) xo


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