create a little money luck… from home!

I was invited to speak over at RevelEleven last week, and the topic of conversation: creating abundance with Feng Shui.

even though there are no quick fixes without working on yourself, too, there are practical “within reach” triggers that – with your participation – can deliver delightful results. so, today, I want to share a few of my faves for shifting the energy of abundance in your favor, too!

no. 1: “tuck” coins around your home – this suggests having money on hand and more money coming in!

no. 2: work with the chi enhancers associated with money flow – like the Water element.

no. 3: (speaking of water), seal up any leaks. water symbolizes finances, so dripping faucets or leaky plumbing suggest money is “leaking” away.

no. 4: woo prosperity your way with a plant (or two!).

no. 5: get to know the areas of your home and then, put them to work for you. combine this with plants for even more money magic!

no. 6: make sure your house isn’t costing you money – sometimes, we simply have a feature in our home (like stairs across from the front door) that isn’t working in our favor.

no. 7: Yang your space up if you’re seeking more opportunities or wanting to strengthen what you’ve already got!

there are so many ways to increase the opportunities available for becoming wealthier, and the shifts / changes don’t need to be extravagant or complicated. so, grab an idea from this list, put it to work, and watch your money mindset and moola improve!