hello, April!

we began the month under the spell of the pink moon, so how about a little shui TO DO for its final half?

TIP ONE: complete an unfinished project

when lingering projects or unfinished commitments sit around indefinitely, they start serving up stalled energy. and the energy around us influences how we feel, so if you need an infusion of fresh chi, either finish a project or two – or let them go!

TIP TWO: buy a new plant

whether you buy a new plant or finally make this the season to dress your home with fresh bloomies, this much is true – your home will feel a spring in its step (and so will YOU)!

TIP THREE: say *no* when you want to say *no*

i am a DEDICATED fan of the smartless podcast and recently heard the boys sharing this little piece of advice: when someone asks you to do something down the road, answer like it’s on the calendar tomorrow – and answer that way.

somehow, this makes saying NO a wee bit easier for me – and maybe you, too?

TIP FOUR: declutter your closet of 10 things you never wear

if the clothes don’t fit…

if those clothes don’t make you feel better than you look…

if they don’t represent who you’re becoming…

consider letting them go! open space in your closet signals that new things (attitudes, opportunities and ways of being) are welcome in your life.

TIP FIVE: exfoliate your skin

just like we shed things from our lives and homes, a good scrubbing can give you that GLOW UP look, too – especially as we somersault toward summer!

and because i LOVE to align energetically whenever i can…

if i need to get things circulating again, i LOVE a dry brush or this mitt.

if i feel like my spirit needs a lift (or a little help removing sticky energy from me), i LOVE this scrub and this one, too.

and if i am more in need of a good energetic cleanse, you can’t go wrong here. xo