10 reasons plants are “good” Feng Shui!

whether you’re new to shui or have been working with this practice a while, you’ve likely heard plants are considered “good Feng Shui.” the most universal reason they are encouraged is simple: plants refresh a room by literally improving the air around us. however, their magic goes beyond respiration. so, if you’ve been on the fence about growing a green thumb, here are 10 additional reasons you might want to become a little more green!

#1: research has found that looking at plants (and flowers) is good for the heart. plants induce positive feelings and lower blood pressure. they also reduce concentration-induced fatigue – which makes every office and house around the world in need of at least one green chi buddy!

#2: tall plants, like Yucca or bamboo, suggest upward mobility – a distinct characteristic that happens to nudge our personal and professional energy the same direction. 

#3: plants create a sense of companionship, making them an excellent addition to any room that gets overlooked or goes unused. likewise, they keep us in good company as well!

#4: plants stimulate energy around them, encouraging those in their presence to feel both inspired and motivated. next time you’re working on a project, place a plant on the desk or in your workspace and prepare to marvel at its influence!

#5: when a plant looks healthy, chances are the roots are, too. this is symbolic of what we see and don’t see – and it’s why plants are often related to wealth in Feng Shui. so, one healthy plant can represent a calm security that the good life will keep growing, if properly tended and nurtured.

#6: want to call more money into your life? any plants with round leaves – like African violets – are symbolic of coins. keep a few on the kitchen table. no matter where your kitchen falls, this room holds wealth energy, too, making a little plant love here a really good idea!

#7: need to network? group plants together as this shui power move triggers those opportunities. i have a client that tells me whenever he puts new plants outside, it “always” brings in new business. it is so effective, in fact, his staff will often ask – when there is a sudden surge of interest and activity – “what did you plant recently?”

#8: ladies, rosemary plants are associated with female financial independence, so get your herb on! Inside or out, this plant is all about boss lady energy!

#9: setting a new goal? nurture a plant, and it resonates with tending our goals and ambitions. 

#10: corners of rooms tend to collect energy. so, if a space feels ‘off’ to you despite everything looking just right, place a plant in an open corner. this disengages any static (and stagnant) energy that has accumulated, and the room will instantly have more razzle dazzle! xo