5 ways to make your new house feel like home

want to make your new house feel like HOME? here are 5 tips to make sure yours is filled with all the right feel-good factors:

TIP ONE: clean the front door – this one space influences what “enters” your life, so it’s the perfect starting point for getting things off on the right step!

TIP TWO: wash the windows – when dirt, weather or grime coat them, we aren’t “seeing” the whole picture or even what is right in front of us. and in a new house, that could add up to some costly (time, money, effort) mistakes.

TIP THREE: give your house a salty cleanse – a bucket of water + a heaping handful of salt + a quick wipe down of the counters, cabinetry, and floors will absorb any lingering predecessor chi.

TIP FOUR: paint the walls to get your energetic signature flowing through your home!

TIP FIVE: space clear and bless your home. (need ideas? start here!) go for something smoky (frankincense is my favorite here!), open the windows and clear and cleanse away. and then, walk back through your house and set intentions for yourself (and loved ones) in your new home! xo


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